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Pennsburg Borough applied for grants through DCNR to develop a playground and outdoor space located at Borough Hall, 76 W. 6th Street. In 2022, the Borough was awarded a $110,000 grant for Phase 1 of the proposed project. Plans included playground equipment, a stone walking trail and site amenities. In 2023, the Borough was awarded another $110,000 grant for Phase 2 which included paving the walking trail, adding exercise stations and a pavilion with picnic tables.

On June 10, 2023, Pennsburg Borough Council dedicated the park to the Seip family, in honor of Larry Seip who served as the Pennsburg Fire Police Captain, and Scott Seip who served with the Pennsburg Fire Company. Larry reached an honorable 50 years of service until he sadly passed away in 2020.

At the present time, the park is still under construction. The playground is open for public use, but the trail is closed until it can be paved in summer/fall 2023. Council is planning on a grand opening ceremony upon full completion. That date will be publicly announced and we hope to see you all there!

A special thank you to all of the and businesses who donated money, materials and resources to make this project possible!


Pennsburg Borough acquired two parcels of land along East 8th Street and Long Alley in March of 1999. The first property measured approximately 10.14 acres and the second, 3.6 acres. In November of 2005, the Borough purchased the former Green Lane Tool and Die building adjacent to the park. This parcel adds 4.6 acres to the total park area.  Together these properties are now known as the Pennsburg Community Park. On March 10, 2009, demolition began on the Green Lane Tool & Die building.  Future plans for the area include a playground, walking trails and picnic spots.


The first game played on the Pennsburg Community Ball Field was on May 5, 1999. Long time Council Member Phyllis Bittenbender, threw out the first pitch. Today, the ball field is maintained by the borough and is used by several softball leagues on a regular basis.

Looking for a new way to advertise your business? Pennsburg Borough owns and maintains the baseball field on East 8th Street in Pennsburg. This field heavily used by many local baseball and softball leagues and organizations in the spring and summer months. To help defray the costs of maintaining the field, we offer businesses the opportunity to advertise with signs displayed around the perimeter of the baseball outfield. Pennsburg Borough charges an advertising fee of $75.00 for the season (the second week of March through October 30th). We will store the sign for you over the winter and display it again in the spring. The sign size is 4’ X 8”, painted on wood.  You would need to contact a sign maker to have your sign made.

The Pennsburg Community Ball Field is available for use by leagues, groups, and organizations.

Groups should contact the Pennsburg Borough Office to inquire about scheduling. All teams belonging to an organization or league must be able to provide proof of insurance and sign Release and Hold Harmless agreements. To download a copy of the Release and Hold Harmless agreement, click on the link:
Release and Hold Harmless Agreement
The ball field is open to public use anytime there is not a scheduled game. There are no fees for use of the field.

To add business signage or to reserve the field, please call the Borough Office at (215) 679-4546 ext. 3


The Pennsburg Nature Preserve, located off of East 5th Street, is the perfect location to spend a peaceful afternoon.  Enjoy the walking trails or take a chair and sit in the shade and enjoy the sounds of the Macoby Creek.  Our goal is to continue to improve this area. If you are interested in volunteering your services to help maintain this important Open Space area, please contact the Borough Office at 215-679-4546, ext. 3.

In August of 2002, the Borough of Pennsburg, applied for and received a Growing Greener Grantfrom the Department of Environmental Protection in the amount of $44,550.00.  The grant monies were used to make improvements at the 5+ acre Nature Preserve on Macoby Street.  Due to the impact of land use in our community, storm water run-off into Macoby Creek was a concern. With the help of Monroe Ecological Services and local volunteers, the streambed restoration project was completed in April of 2006. Many man hours of labor went in to the construction and installation of "fascines" which helped to stabilize over 400 feet of the Macoby Creek bed. Selectively planted grasses and shrubs aided in further securing the area. Nearby, volunteers helped to establish a tall grass meadow and butterfly garden along with planting over 100 trees.


As spring approaches, Spotted Lanternfly (SLF)

nymphs will begin hatching out. All of

Montgomery County is within the known

quarantine area, so there is no need to report

sightings. However, there are important measures

you can take to assist with control of this invasive

pest on your own property.


Manage SLF on your property:

  • Scrape egg masses you find into a plastic bag with hand sanitizer and dispose of it to destroy the eggs.  A single egg mass contains 30-50 eggs!

  • Remove the favored host tree, invasive Tree of Heaven, Ailanthus altissima

  • Sticky-band trees to catch nymphs. If banding trees, be sure to do so correctly, to avoid harming  native wildlife. Click here to learn more about how to band trees properly to limit bycatch (non-desired species that could also be caught on the sticky bands)

  • Use chemical control when appropriate. Click here to learn more about effective insecticides. (Scroll down to "chemical control.")

Stop the spread: Obey the quarantine and do not transport Spotted Lanternflies in any life-stage out of the quarantined counties. Check your vehicle as well as any items you may be transporting, before traveling.


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