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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires every municipality to establish and maintain an Emergency Management Agency and have an Emergency Management Coordinator. The responsibility of the Emergency Management Coordinator is to maximize the utilization of local resources to prevent, plan for, respond to and recover from disasters and emergencies.


While you may not think of Pennsburg to be a major metropolitan area, we are not exempt from any type of disaster, be it man made or natural. In the past decade our community has been subject to hurricanes, flooding, blizzards and other severe weather as well as large fires, power outages and even hazardous materials incidents.


The goal of the Borough of Pennsburg Office of Emergency Management is to continue development of the emergency response plan, identify mitigation activities that lessen the effects of disaster on people and property, exercise plans using a variety of hazards and scenarios, locate and manage local resources and educate the public before, during and after a disaster.


Please take the time to navigate our page and prepare yourself and your family in the event of an emergency. Much of the information presented on this page has come from sources such as MCDPS, PEMA, FEMA and the American Red Cross and can be extremely helpful in preparing for and recovering from an emergency or disaster.

Alerts and Notifications

Pennsburg OEM will provide residents with alerts and various notifications via our Facebook page and or through the ReadyMontco notification system that is administered by MCDPS. We strive to keep all of our residents informed in real time unfortunately due to staffing some posts or alerts can be delayed. 

The Borough of Pennsburg can also utilize this system to send out general alerts as well.

If you haven't signed up for ReadyMontco click below to get started.


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